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     If you download and install imgsampl.exe (~250KB), it will create a folder named imagesamples under your UDP installation folder. In the new imagesamples folder you will find a file named imagesamples.udb - open it with UDP and you can see several example of how to use the image capabilities of UDP.

The following information can also be found in the Help system for Format - Insert Image. It should be used in conjunction with the examples above.

UDP now has limited support for inserting images (graphics) in a Document or Database. This menu item leads to a standard Windows Open dialog where you can choose the image file to insert. Images look like the following when Options - Reveal Format Codes is turned on:

    ¡[your image here]°<img src="C:\Windows\Greenstone.bmp" height="160" width="160">°

The information between the < > is used for formatting in the same way as in HTML; however both the height and width are required for all images.

    The img src points to the image file. If the path is the same as (or a subfolder of) the path to the Document or Database, the image path will be relative; otherwise it will be absolute (will start with a drive-letter:). If an image file cannot be found, the image will be "[filepath] not found" on a light gray background the size of the image.

    The height and width are gotten directly from the image file itself. They can be adjusted if necessary. However, images taller than 3/4 of the size of the data field will be automatically shrunk to 3/4 the height of the data field no matter what the height value is; images wider than the width of the data field will be shrunk to the width of the data field no matter what the width value is. If an image is automatically shrunk; you can click the image and whatever program you have installed as the default for that type of image will be called upon to display the image. A highly recommended image program is IrfanView which you can download for free from

UDP's image support is primarily intended for inserting small images in-line with text. UDP does not have the rendering capabilities of a browser or dedicated graphics program. Images inserted with this menu item will be "align=top" and the next line of text will be below the bottom of the image. If you want text to flow around an image, use Format - Aligned Image to insert the image.

The FreeImage DLL is required to be in the UDP installation folder. You can download and install it from If the DLL is not installed, Format - Insert Image will be removed from the menu and all images in a Document or Database will be "FreeImage.dll not found" on a light gray background the size of the image.

UDP supports all the common image formats like PNG, BMP, JPEG, TIFF and GIF; it actually supports all the ones FreeImage supports - a full list can be found at

UDP supports all transparent GIFs and other transparent types that are 256 color (8 bit color) or True Color (32-bit color). These limitations are imposed by the FreeImage.dll.

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