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     UDP is not distributed with any fonts, but there are several font sets that you should install on your system to make the most of UDP's multilingual capabilities. Most of these can be downloaded from the internet for free.

To obtain the fonts necessary for supporting Romanized Sanskrit and Pali, you should download and install the file at - (1.1 MB). Some fonts contain only some of the glyphs necessary for these diacriticals; this package will supply any missing glyphs. This free package also provides a basic Tibetan 8-bit font: Tibetan Modern A; and an excellent Tibetan Unicode font: Jomolhari.

To obtain free, high quality Tibetan fonts, please go to The Tibetan and Himalayan Library web site, scroll down to the section "Tibetan Fonts" and download and install the Tibetan Machine Uni, TibetanMachine and TibetanMachineWeb fonts. Tibetan Machine Uni is a high quality Unicode Tibetan font from the Tibetan Fonts link; the other 2 are 8-bit fonts from the Legacy Tibetan Font Systems link The first one is the current best Unicode Tibetan font; the other two are 8-bit fonts which UDP can use, rather than Unicode, since Windows/XP was not ready for Unicode Tibetan. There are additional Unicode Tibetan fonts and you might want to obtain these fonts as well:

Tibetan Machine Uni is a very good looking Unicode Tibetan font and the most complete. TibetanMachineUnicode is an updated version of Tibetan Machine Uni. TCRC Youtso Unicode is a quite nice font and some people prefer it over Tibetan Machine Uni. Tibetan Unicode and TibetanUchen are older, less useful fonts; TibetanUchen has several errors that mar its usefulness.

To support other languages, you will need Unicode fonts. Most Western European languages are supported by the standard Arial, Times New Roman, Courier New and particularly by Lucida Sans Unicode, all which come with Windows. Unicode fonts for other languages can be found on the internet in places like

Particularly recommended are Bitstream Cyberbit and Gentium for their many languages.

Code2000 is a very complete large Unicode font that is shareware and well worth the $5.00 price tag if you are seeking a font that supports a huge number of code blocks (Mayanmar, Ethiopic, Cherokee, Runic, Khmer, and many others). Download it from and don't forget to sent James the $5.00.

If you can obtain Arial Unicode MS, it also provides a huge number of code blocks - but Microsoft apparently no longer makes it freely available; however, it does come with some of Microsoft's products. If you have MS Office, you can install this font from the Office setup program as follows:

  • After entering your info and key, on the page which says "Install Now", choose Custom and click Next
  • Uncheck all the checkboxes except Microsoft Word
  • Click "Choose detailed installation options for each application" and click Next
  • Click the plus sign next to Office Shared Features
  • Click the plus sign next to International Support
  • Click the box to the left of Universal Font
  • Click Run from My Computer
  • (you can change other installation options at this same time if you wish)
  • Click Next and finish the install process as you normally would.
This will now give you Arial Unicode MS as one of your font choices.

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