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This web site contains a small selection of Tibean Texts. In order to view some of them you must have the TibetanMachineWeb font set installed on your computer. The University of Virginia and The Trace Foundation have made the TibetanMachineWeb font set available for free download (you just need to register - which is free).

While you are at it, you should also download and install Tibetan Machine Uni from the same site - it will enable you to read Unicode Tibetan web pages. For help configuring your browser to display Unicode Tibetan properly, click here.

  • The Heart Sutra in Unicode Tibetan (24KB)

  • The Heart Sutra in Tibetan (24KB)

  • The Heart Sutra in Wylie Encoding (4KB)
    This exact file was used to generate the Tibetan version above. It was read into UDP and saved as an HTML file after the first two lines were added. No other changes were made to generate the Tibetan web page above.

  • Mulamadhyamakakarika by Nagarjuna, in Unicode Tibetan (420KB)
    This file was generated by reading the ACIP file TD3824F.ACT with UDP to create TD3824F.udc and then exporting it as HTML.

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