Configure your Browser to Display Unicode Tibetan

  1. First, you will need to install a high quality Unicode Tibetan font. Recommended choices are

  2. Then you can configure your Browser. Choose your browser:

  3. Finally you should install USP10.DLL version 1.0471.4030.0 or later in the same directory (folder) as the executable for your browser. USP10.DLL provides Uniscribe support for correctly displaying Unicode Tibetan fonts. Even without USP10.DLL, the above browsers display Unicode Tibetan fonts "good enough" to be able to read the text; but Uniscribe makes the display look quite nice indeed.

    To learn about Uniscribe, please see Chris Fynn and David Germano's article Instructions for using OpenType fonts for Tibetan in the MS Windows Operating System. To install USP10.DLL on your system see their article Updating Uniscribe to a Version with Tibetan support, especially Instructions for Individual Applications. You might also want to see Upgrading Uniscribe (USP10.DLL) on Windows 2000 System - it mentions that you can join Microsoft VOLT User Community and obtain a recent version of USP10.DLL for free.

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