Loving-Kindness Meditation - The Golden Vessel

A guided meditation by Ven. Ayya Khema

Please put the attention on the breath for just a few moments.

Think of your heart as a beautiful golden vessel which is filled with love, warm and embracing, accepting and caring. Let this warmth of love embrace you. Be filled with that acceptance and the care.

Now offer this golden vessel filled with love to the person sitting nearest you, filling him or her with acceptance and care, and warmly embracing.

Offer this golden vessel of your heart filled with love to everyone here, accepting and caring for everyone, warmly embracing everyone here.

Offer this golden vessel filled with love to your parents giving them your acceptance and your care embracing them warmly.

Offer the golden vessel of your heart filled with love to those people who are nearest and dearest to you accepting them fully, caring for them, embracing them with the warmth of your heart.

Offer this golden vessel filled with love to all your friends. Let them partake of the best that you have to offer.

Think of all the people you know and you meet in your everyday life, at work, or in the shops, on the street, in the offices, banks, post office, wherever you meet people, think of all these people, offer them the golden vessel filled with your love, make them aware of your care and acceptance, warmly embrace them.

Think of anyone with whom you may have difficulties, or towards whom you are indifferent and offer the golden vessel of love to that person also making him or her feel your care and acceptance and your warm embrace.

Make the golden vessel of your heart filled with love as large as you can possibly make it, extending it further and further, and then letting as many people enter into it and partake of the warmth of that love, the care and acceptance that they can find there. Make t!hat vessel ever larger, as big as a house, as big as the city, as big as the state, as big as the country, encompassing the whole globe allowing everyone entrance without discrimination.

And put your attention back on yourself and feel the warmth of your love and the contentment of your acceptance of yourself filling you from head to toe. Anchor that golden vessel filled with love in your heart so that it may become one with it. May beings everywhere have love and acceptance for each other.

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