The Tibetan DataBase and Electronic Text Archiver and Publisher.

TibetD is the first standalone application written for Windows that fully supports the Tibetan language as well as English and other languages. The program was designed by a translator for use by other scholars and translators both Tibetan and non-Tibetan. TibetD makes it easy to view, create, and distribute works in languages including Tibetan, English, Sanskrit transliterated into Roman with diacriticals, and other languages.

The program was authored by and will be distributed by the Drukpa Kagyu Heritage Project. Based in Kathmandu, the Project has taken a central role in helping Tibetans around the world to correct and preserve the written works of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. The Project and the many other large projects connected with it together have agreed to publish their works--a total of approximately 600 volumes of highly corrected native Tibetan Buddhist texts at this point--electronically in the format of the new program.

The Project has also been working to prepare computerized dictionaries for the use of both Tibetan and non-Tibetan scholars. For example, Sarat Chandra Das's dictionary and the dictionary of the Padma Karpo Translation Committee with special emphasis on Dzogchen terminology are approaching completion. Other reference works and pechas such as the Madhyamakavatra and the Bodhisattvacaryavatara are also in preparation for use with TibetD.

The TibetD program comes in both a Professional and Reader edition. Initially only the Reader edition, without edit/create facilities will be made available. The Reader edition will be sold together with the texts mentioned. Price not set at this point.

When the Professional edition is released, it will allow other scholars and translators to create, manipulate, and share their own dictionaries, glossaries, lists, catalogues, and electronic texts in Tibetan, English, Sanskrit transliterated into English, and potentially other languages as well.

More information can be found at the Tibetan Computer Company web site. Inquiries via e-mail may be made to Cliff Meurer at rigdzin@msn.com

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