Dependent Origination
and Emptiness

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One who sees dependent origination sees the Dhamma; one who sees the Dhamma sees dependent origination. MN 28.28
How to Obtain a Paperback Version

You can't download a paperback book obviously, but you can use a print-on-demand service to obtain one.

I have just received a nice printed paperback from TheBookPatch. If you just want to do the simple thing in the United States, you can click this button and be taken directly to TheBookPatch's order page - price $9.81 + handling + tax + shipping: Buy Now style 2 button

For Europe, Canada, & USA you can easily generate a printed paperback using Lulu after you create an account. Here are the steps for generating a printed paperback with Lulu after you have signed into your Lulu account:
  1. Print Books - click Make A Book
  2. click Start My Print Book
  3. scroll down and select Print Your Book
  4. add a Project Title, select English, and Religon and Spirituality
  5. click Design Your Project
  6. Download THIS PDF File and then Upload it
  7. Ignore the Images warning; the Book Size and Page Count are fine
  8. click Black & White Standard; click 60# White; click Paperback; click either Cover Finish
  9. Download THIS COVER FILE and then Upload it
  10. click Margin OFF in Book Preview; you can leave other sliders as their default
  11. click Review Book, then Confirm and Publish
Price in the USA is $7.05 + tax + shipping.

If you want or need to use a different print-on-demand service, you can search for a single copy print-on-demand provider. There are many to choose from.

Below is the info you will most likely need to enter on any provider's order form:

Title:Dependent Origination and Emptiness
Author:Leigh Brasington
Publisher:Leigh Brasington
Size:5.83" x 8.27" -or- A5
Color:Black & White is fine
Category:Buddhism -or- Spirituality -or- Religion
Sub-Category:Mysticsm? Whatever?

Here are the Files to Download in order to Generate a Paperback Book
PDFThis is the PDF version for generating a 228 page paperback book. Updated 26 Nov '21
This links to the full front and back covers JPG for generating a paperback book:
You probably do not need the files below for most print-on-demand service:



These 3 links are to 3 separate files for the Front Cover, Spine, and Back Cover and are useful if your chosen print-on-demand-service requires 3 separate files to build the cover.
This links to the front cover only, if that is what is needed:

You most likely do not need this. It's only available in case your chosen print-on-demand service wants only the front cover, not the front-spine-back cover or the 3 separate files above.

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