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When I was writing Right Concentration: A Practical Guide to the Jhanas I was unsure of how much material I would need for a publishable book. So I just did a brain dump of everthing I could think of related to the Jhānas. This resulted in a huge number of appendices, most of which did not make the final draft of the book. But all this information is still available to you - right below as a series of web pages:

The Precepts
Abandoning the Five Hindrances
Jhāna Factors and the Hindrances
The Gradual Training
The Gradual Training and The Eightfold Path
A Partial List of Insight Practices
MN 111: The Anupada Sutta
Pīti: Physical, Sukha: Mental OR Pīti: Mental, Sukha: Physical?
The Neurological Correlates of the Jhānas
Introduction to Various Interpretations of the Jhanas
  • Vipassanā Jhānas
  • Abhidhamma Jhānas
  • Nimitta
  • Visuddhimagga Jhānas
  • The entire collection of pages above is available as a PRC eBook (Kindle) or an EPUB eBook (Mac, Nook, many other eBooks).
    Many of the above pages are also available individually in PRC eBook format.

    Like all the things of creation, a book is also subject to anicca. Changes that would make Right Concentration a better book, i.e. Errors and Enhancements, will be documented here:
    Errors and Enhancements

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