Gradual Training

The Buddha's Step-by-Step Guide
for Awakening


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"Final knowledge is achieved by gradual training, by gradual practice, by gradual progress." MN 70
How to Obtain a Paperback Version

You can't download a paperback book obviously, but you can use a print-on-demand service to obtain one.

For Europe, Canada, & USA you can easily generate a printed paperback using Lulu after you create an account. Here are the steps for generating a printed paperback with Lulu after you have signed into your Lulu account:
  1. Print Books - click Make A Book
  2. click Start My Print Book
  3. scroll down and select Print Your Book
  4. add a Project Title, select English, and Religon and Spirituality
  5. click Design Your Project
  6. Download THIS PDF File and then Upload it
  7. Ignore the Images warning; the Book Size and Page Count are fine
  8. click Black & White Standard; click 60# White; click Paperback; click either Cover Finish
  9. Download THIS COVER FILE and then Upload it
  10. click Margin OFF in Book Preview; you can leave other sliders as their default
  11. click Review Book, then Confirm and Publish
Price in the USA is $7.47 + tax + shipping. Total to California, USA is $13.92.

Or if that is too much work, you can order it ready-made from the Lulu bookstore for the extra price (in the USA) of $14.94 + tax + shipping by clicking this button:

  "The Gradual Training"  
  Lulu Bookstore

If you want or need to use a different print-on-demand service, you can search for a single copy print-on-demand provider. There are many to choose from.

Below is the info you will most likely need to enter on any provider's order form:

Title:The Gradual Training
Author:Leigh Brasington
Publisher:Leigh Brasington
Size:5.83" x 8.27" -or- A5
Color:Black & White is fine
Category:Buddhism -or- Spirituality -or- Religion
Sub-Category:Mysticsm? Whatever?

Here are the Files to Download in order to Generate a Paperback Book
PDFThis is the PDF version for generating a 246 page paperback book. Updated 26 Nov '21
This links to the full front and back covers JPG for generating a paperback book:
You probably do not need the files below for most print-on-demand service:



These 3 links are to 3 separate files for the Front Cover, Spine, and Back Cover and are useful if your chosen print-on-demand-service requires 3 separate files to build the cover.
This links to the front cover only, if that is what is needed:

You most likely do not need this. It's only available in case your chosen print-on-demand service wants only the front cover, not the front-spine-back cover or the 3 separate files above.

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