Four Elements Meditation

earthSolidity and Extension
waterLiquidity and Cohesion
windGaseous and Movement
Guided Contemplation of the Elements by Ayya Khema


20th/21st Century Physics
Guided Contemplation of the Elements by Leigh Brasington


Ven. Pa Auk
earthHardness, Softness
Roughness, Smoothness
Heaviness, Lightness
waterFlowing, Cohesion
fireHot, Cold
windPushing, Supporting
Download Knowing and Seeing by Ven. Pa Auk,
4 Element Meditation is described starting on page 114

The basic idea is to scan ones body looking for each of
the 12 characteristics mentioned above, one-by-one.

When you can discern each characteristic, begin scanning
faster and faster until you can scan the whole body for an
individual characteristics in two or three seconds.

See his book for further details.

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