Sutta Numbering in
Sutta Nipatta Book Five

There are 2 different methods used for numbering the 16 suttas in Sutta Nipatta Book Five, The Way to the Far Shore. They differe in how they treat the backstory found prior to the first actual sutta.

  Method #1 - 0 relative

The backstory is ignored for sutta numbering. It is treated as tho it was Snp 5.0. The first sutta is Snp 5.1. This makes total sense, especially since the backstory is clearly a later addition. This numbering method is used by Bhikkhu Bodhi and by Access to Insight.

  Method #2 - 1 relative

The backstory is numbered as Snp 5.1. It is treated the same way as the actual suttas. The actual first sutta is Snp 5.2; the last and 16th sutta is Snp 5.17. This provide oodles of confusion in that e.g. the 4th sutta is Snp 5.5, etc. This numbering method is used by K. R. Norman and Sutta Central.

  This Course

For this course we will use Method #1 - 0 relative. That way the first sutta will be Snp 5.1 and the 16th one will be Snp 5.16. If you are looking up a sutta in K. R. Norman and Sutta Central, you will need to add 1 to the sutta number to find the correct sutta. Always double check the sutta's name to make sure you have the correct sutta!

The lefthand column of this page contains links that will take you directly to the digital translations of these 16 suttas that I find are most accurate.

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