Epithets for the Buddha
as found in Sutta Nipata Book Five

0World Leader, Sakyan, beacon, Awakened One, Buddha, Blessed One, Clear-eyed One, lion, supreme person, cutter of craving, Good sir, Realized One
3the imperturbable, the seer of the root
4Blessed One, a knowledge master, evolved, great seer, spiritual giant
5Blessed One, a brahmin travelling with nothing, All-seer, Sakyan, brahmin, great seer
6Alone and independent, O Sakyan, All-seer, sage
7Blessed One, the great seer
9O Sakyan, sage, All-seer
10good sir
11hero, no desire for sensual pleasures, passed over the flood, desireless one, O natural visionary, Blessed One, you of vast wisdom
12the shelter-leaver, the craving-cutter, the imperturbable, the delight-leaver, the flood-crosser, the freed, the formulation-leaver, the intelligent, hero, spiritual giant, sage
13meditator, rid of hopes, completed the task, free of defilements, gone beyond all things, the Buddha
14one who reveals the past, imperturbable, with doubts cut off, gone beyond all things, Sakyan
15Sakyan, Clear-eyed One, divine seer, renowned Gotama, one of excellent vision
-the Buddha, Clear-eyed One, kinsman of the Sun
--immaculate one of vast intelligence, desireless, unentangled, spiritual giant, one who’s given up stains and delusions & conceit and contempt, the Buddha, all-seer, dispeler of darkness, brahmin, Gotama, splendid, a beacon, sage

(obviously the sutta numbers are 0 relative)

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