Index of Talks from August 2019

Name Size Comment
Leigh day 1 overview of teachings.m4a47.0 MBIntroduction
L. 5 hindrances 2.m4a53.4 MBThe 5 hindrances
2nd to 4th jhanna 3.m4a52.4 MBJhanas 1-4
Jhannas 5 to 8.m4a66.3 MBJhanas 5-8
Discourse on the gradual training.m4a71.1 MBThe Fruits of the Spiritual Life (DN2)
Dependant org & jhana summery.m4a76.1 MBDependent Origination
Emptiness explanation (really good!) & guided meta.m4a81.8 MBEmptiness (SN 12.15 and Nargarjuna)
Impermanence & goodness reflection_001.m4a79.6 MBImpermanence
L. Great advice on body awareness!.m4a74.4 MBMaha-satipatthana Sutta
Body scan.m4a75.6 MBBody Scan
Elements & q re body scan.m4a52.2 MBThe 4 Elements
Mind states and 5 aggregates.m4a72.7 MBMind States And 5 Aggregates
Brahma Viharas.m4a52.9 MBJataka Tale
L. Metta guided.m4a16.1 MBGuided Metta
Love guided.m4a17.5 MBGuided Metta
Metta flowers.m4a14.0 MBGuided Metta
Metta fountain of love droplets.m4a16.0 MBGuided Metta
Metta soup sharing.m4a18.2 MBGuided Metta
Closing q&a.m4a33.0 MBClosing

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